Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy Birthday, Sowmya!

Now that D-Day comes with time
Unto a bond that will not shear
Let us forget all that you fear
And keep the sinful and sublime..

The past’s a bridge that will not burn
But if remorse, with gentle touch
Should stir memories overmuch
Remember - there is more to learn..

Need I recount what you have won
The love, the tenderness, the gifts
That mark your journey’s eager shifts
Treasures that cannot be undone..

Nothing I say that’s not been said
You’ve come thus far, all safe n sound
Now set your sails for shores unbound
And revel in what lies ahead

If in recounting this, I sound
Upbeat and gung-ho, I must plead
The knowledge that one day indeed
Your destiny, you’ll say you’ve found

Unattainable, a grace
Not from this world, you do possess
So step forward, and let God bless
You, as you two embrace..

H  Y   B I R T H  D A Y ,  S O W M Y A !!!!

PS - Sowmya is all set to join the family in Sep - and this is my version of an `open arms' welcome..

1 comment:

  1. Such lovely thoughts and so beautifully put across!!!

    Harish, as you get older, you are getting better and better with your prose and poetry...just like old wine....