Monday, 28 July 2014

Mens Sana...

The alarm goes off at precisely 5:05 am. I swing my legs out of bed, head downstairs to brew the morning cuppa. Sip it while flipping through the news channels. It’s the same old story. Another horrendous rape in UP, another Malaysian Airlines flight gone off the radar, another student caned at school, and yet another outrageous statement from Justice Katju. Ho hum, God continues to be in Heaven and all is well with the earth!

I reach the Sub Area ground at 6. One hour to the body, two hours to the mind. Everyday. As Father Rebello, who taught Latin at St Vincents, used to say `Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ – a sound mind in a sound body. We can but try.

The Sub Area grounds are lush green, the walking/jogging/cycling tracks washed spotless by the rains. One round walking briskly, another 14 rounds cycling. The Nike App duly tracks the distance covered, speed attained and calories burned. Try to cover 12 Km everyday Touched 2,870 Km yesterday. Not bad.

The faint drizzle hits the face in a fine mist, courtsey Pune’s famed morning breeze, the `baad-e-saba’. Rafi warbles through my Shure in-ear earphones. The iPhone playlists have been laboriously downloaded through Songs.Pk. I huff and I puff. Maybe retirement isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Back home, bathed and breakfasted, the `two hours for the mind’ begins. The iPad, the Mac and the iPhone are called into play. Attend an Online class on iPhoto (know the difference between Events and Albums?) or the iTunes (Albums versus Playlists, anyone?). I call this catching up with my ignorance, there’s so much to learn..

An hour of watching some serials I’ve downloaded from Torrents (God bless you, Puja Dugal!). Have 2 terabytes of stuff, including the latest American soaps/dramas and some mind blowing documentaries, so one is always in a state of trying to catch up!

Newsstand on the iPad
The post lunch nap is a luxury the Army has got us addicted to, something the three years at Army HQ, and ten years in the Corporate world haven’t managed to shake off!

Come eventide, it’s me, my iPad and the terrace. The cool breeze is an added attraction, a Pune special. God bless my dad who decided to move here, or else it would have been me, my tractor and my kheti-baadi, accompanied by the sweltering hot wind, inexplicably called a `loo’ of Shahkot in Punjab..

I subscribe to 4 print and 12 digital magazines, In addition, I also  read at least 6 newspapers on the net. I just can’t keep up, hence the chase to `catch up with my ignorance’ is a losing battle. Still, one persists. Anyway.

Bonus Digital Content TIME
A bit of advice. Subscribe to TIME magazine, Read it from cover to cover. Every week. Then check out the bonus digital content on the digital version – it is simply awesome, especially on the Retina display of the iPad!

On to my state-of-the-art home theatre once it gets too dark at the terrace. Watch an episode of `Chasing Life’ or `Gang Related’ while sipping the mandatory `chota peg’.

Second bit of advice. Install a home theatre, it’s such awesome value for money! Am available as a consult, at a very modest fee of a small single malt. Or two.

There’s a downside too. My once famous razor sharp memory is fast losing its keen edge. While I can still recall with precise clarity each World Cup winner since 1966, last week’s happenings are a trifle hazy.

So life goes on. Most course mates are already grand parents. Think I’ll have to revisit my avowed policy of not flirting with grandmothers. Or else, the fine art I’ve cultivated over the ages, like my memory, threatens to lose its edge as well.

Phir kya hoga…??


  1. Harish, my comments don't seem to win approval. I had tried earlier too to post comments but to no avail.

    Shall repeat what I posted earlier...
    "Phew, that's one hectic schedule. Are you sure your day consists of the same 24 hrs awarded to 'mere mortals' like myself? And as for your finale...Ha Ha...old habits do die hard, don't they?

  2. By the way I have been reading most of your articles and I love your style of writing and the manner in which your sense of humor always creeps into your work, no matter how serious the topic.

  3. Great writing. If you are still doing what you are at SubArea grounds, that's commendable indeed.
    Is it your chase of those beautiful girls who sure are health freaks, coming up each morning to the grounds, then you can add Health for eyes too. After all all doc's prescribe to see green stuff for health of eyes.
    Go on , it is such a wonderful to read your stuff.

  4. wow , great writing , keep writing and inspiring people around you .A healthy routine brings, Calm mind ,which brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health.